My Dear Aunt Sally

"My Dear Aunt Sally" comes to life in a new app created by Ron Larson, Ph.D.

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My Dear Aunt Sally for Parents

I'm concerned about my child(ren) 'playing games' in school when they should be learning. How is this game beneficial?

My Dear Aunt Sally was created by a renowned educator with decades of experience. Ron Larson, Ph.D. has been developing resources for teachers for over forty years and has written dozens of widely-used texts for classroom instruction. Ron's vision for My Dear Aunt Sally was to create a fun educational experience for students that would excite them and make them want to learn. Your child(ren) will be utilizing problem solving and higher-level thinking while playing My Dear Aunt Sally and will be improving their math skills in a fun, engaging way.

I don't want my child(ren) exposed to advertisements. Does My Dear Aunt Sally contain ads?

We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for students. My Dear Aunt Sally does not, nor will it ever, contain in-game advertisements.

What about in-app purchases?

My Dear Aunt Sally does not contain in-app purchases.

My child is struggling with a math concept. How can My Dear Aunt Sally help?

My Dear Aunt Sally Help ScreenMy Dear Aunt Sally comes with a help section that provides assistance and guidance with math concepts. Students can utilize the help section for tuturoing in the order of operations, number properties, strategies, and other math help. This feature sets My Dear Aunt Sally apart from many other math apps and an invaluable resource for parents looking for additional skill building tools to utilize at home.

My child(ren) wants to play My Dear Aunt Sally at home. Where can I get the app?
My Dear Aunt Sally is available for iOS and Android devices in the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store.